About Us

Until we meet in person

Your hosts are Katharina and Paolo, a German-Italian couple who communicate in Spanish. Katharina and Paolo met on the beach of Abades and have been accompanying each other through their lives since 2017. Paolo comes from Bari in southern Italy. He has a finca near Bari itself and has quickly become an indispensable advisor. Katharina comes from Berlin. She worked there for many years at the House of World Cultures (HKW) and coordinated the Council for the Arts in Berlin. She is also an experienced yoga teacher.

The large finca family also includes Klaus and Christiane as the founders of his extraordinary place, Jorg, Steffi, brother Jan, sister-in-law Constanze and nephews Oskar, Fridolin, Lasse and Ole, who all regularly spend their vacations here and each time they really don’t want to leave. And of course our hard-working helpers and wonderful guests, who always come back and help shape life on the finca.
With his sweet meow, we are beguiled by Van Gogh, the tomcat who has been coming to the finca regularly at mealtime for the last few years and was finally adopted by us. For a while he had to come to terms with Tom, the last cat out of a litter of three born on the Finca. Tom said goodbye with proudly almost 20 years. Since then Van Gogh is the king of tomcats.